Study Groups

Study Groups-  what they are, what they cover and who to contact to join…. it’s all here.

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So far we have 8 main focus areas and leaders for almost all of them:

A detailed description of where we live; the natural and man-made environments that shape our parish and make it special.

HOUSING – Jon Holt
This will probably involve two types of housing survey; one dealing with current housing stock and the other a housing needs survey to assess current and future demand. We are looking for information on what kind of housing we already have, and what we will need for various population demographics in the years ahead. We have to consider the requirement for affordable housing as well as for open market homes.

Not just related to housing. It will cover the type of development would we like to see, or not see, what it comprises, how much green space to allocate to it if necessary, and where. We should define our settlement boundaries to ensure we don’t end up with ribbon developments connecting the village with all the hamlets in the parish, and beyond. We can address architecture, density of housing, what materials should be used in various locations, energy saving building requirements, what business space is required, and more.

A review of infrastructure including roads, public transport, parking provision, footpaths and shore access. Is the capacity of our roads up to future requirements? Is foot traffic an option if we had better footpaths? How is on-street parking affecting traffic flow – is there a flow pattern? Do we need to restrict traffic speed in various locations? Does the availability of private vehicle ownership, public transport and schemes such as car sharing meet the needs of all residents?

We need to consult with all kinds of businesses in the parish to find out what they need to flourish and grow. They bring economic prosperity to the parish and create employment (how much?) for young and older residents and others who commute in for work. They might be tourist businesses, seasonal or year-round, retail, home based, farming or construction, small and local or with a world-wide reputation.

LEISURE AND TOURISM – Jackie Whibley /Carol Hurst
What facilities do we have in the parish for recreation – including sports clubs, beaches, fields, play areas, village groups, school events – what do they need to function and improve? How does tourism impact and contribute to the parish, what requirements does this place on other parish needs, and how do we regard its growth going forward?

AMENITIES – Jackie Whibley
Open spaces, footpaths, beaches, public toilets, sports pitches, play equipment, halls, pubs, shops, the surgery, hair salon, places to eat, and how do they contribute to the sense of community in Mawnan Parish? Many of these issues overlap with other study areas, but we should see them in an integrated way serving all sections of the parish, from the very young, school children, the working population, the retired but active, as well as the elderly and frail.

ENVIRONMENT AND HISTORY – Georgena Morris with help from Sylvia King
Where Mawnan Parish comes from. The historical context that creates its character, its geology, plants, wildlife and people; what buildings and natural features are to be protected and what should be added to the list. Understanding and explaining why and how we should protect the parish (almost all the parish is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – AONB), and thereby enhance the local area for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. This will involve referencing to the work of the Landscape Character Assessment, but sees it more from a cultural heritage point of view.



As this area grows we hope to have a separate page for each study group’s project area with lots of their information being displayed for consultation.  Remember, this is your document so feel free to suggest additions, changes or corrections as the process goes along.