Referendum Documents

We are now have the official notification of a date for referendum, which is 19th May 2022

An Information Statement explaining this created by Cornwall Council can be viewed by clicking through on the link 


These are the documents that have been produced following the review by an Independent Examiner in December 2021.  Suggested changes have been made to some areas and policies and are shown in the Final Modifications table.

Feb 2022

Mawnan Parish NDP Policy Document

Final Modifications Table

Consultation Statement


List of Appendices:

Appendix A Building for a Healthy Life

Appendix B AONB Management Plan

Appendix C Non-Designated Heritage Asset list

Appendix D Local Green Spaces


Supporting documents
Supporting Documents A: Mawnan Parish Design Guide with Settlement Character Descriptions
Supporting Documents B: Landscape Character Assessment
Supporting Documents C: Mawnan Parish Local Landscape Character Assessment (LLCA)
Supporting Documents D: A study of habitat changes in Cornwall between 1995 and 2005; ERCCIS and Cornwall Wildlife Trust, 2010, Cornwall’s Land Cover 1995-2005: Summary report


These documents have now been submitted to Cornwall Council to allow a community referendum to take place, where each member of the parish will have the opportunity to vote on the works completed over the last 4 years by the NDP Steering Group & Parish Council, along with an every changing list of volunteers and supporters in the parish.


We’ve even produced a very quick crib sheet setting out what our NDP is setting out to achieve and how we intend to get there, for the fainthearted faced with the 185+ pages of documents otherwise. 


The date for this referendum is 19th May 2022