Our NDP Plan

For those of you yet to receive the consultation letter by post you can access it here.  Please take note that to be involved in the consultation we will need to have your responses back to us by 30th October 2020.  Full details of where to send these to, or how to request any of the documents in a hardcopy format are included on the letter.

On this page you will be able to access the 7 core documents that go towards forming the Mawnan Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan:

1. The main NDP Policy document (64 pages)
• This introduces the NDP, gives the history of the Parish and its key characteristics, before explaining the NDP preparation process, the vision statement for the Parish and the NDP objectives.
• Then follows the 14 core policies of the NDP, each one with its specific justification and intention.
• Here you will see how the NDP seeks to limit the location and scale of any new development proposal, and how the policies set out to influence and guide the principles of appropriate design, conservation and enhancement of landscapes and biodiversity, and the protection of our built heritage and valued green spaces.

2. Non-Designated Heritage Assets list and description (with photos) (37 pages)
This identifies 101 dwellings and structures that do not have national listing protection, but which we believe justify local protection. They range from traditional and characteristic houses, and historic structures, to WWII pillboxes.

3. Green Space list (15 pages)
This identifies 37 areas in the parish, which are demonstrably special to the community for their beauty, historic significance, recreational value, tranquillity or wildlife.

4. The Parish Design Statement and Settlement Character Descriptions (56 pages)
• When we canvassed your opinions in 2018, 94% of you said that new developments should reflect the character of the locality, and 88% of you said we should have a village character statement.
• This seeks to address those wishes and provides clear guidance on how all new developments of one or more properties should adhere to the principles as set out in the document.
• These principles cover how new buildings should be neighbourly in scale, height and volume, reflect locally distinctive building traditions, and should consider their effect upon adjacent buildings and landscape features. As well as much more.

5. Local Landscape Character Assessment (LLCA) (52 pages + 38 pages of appendices)
• The LLCA is a robust evidence-based document describing the character of the landscape in Mawnan Parish that gives Mawnan its sense of place and local distinctiveness.
• This may be used to inform decisions regarding the environmental suitability of new development in the parish.

6. Building for Life (24 pages)
An independent 2015 study: a government-endorsed standard for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods.

7. AONB Management Plan (7 pages)
A statement of significance for the South Coast Western area including Mawnan Parish. The AONB provides an extra layer of protection against inappropriate and intrusive development.


Some of these documents are of a significant size and may need time to download.  All will need Adobe Acrobat (or similar) to read as they are .pdf files