Welcome to the Mawnan Neighbourhood Development Plan

August 2021 

The public consultation undertaken by Cornwall Council has now concluded and the parish council are considering appointment of an external examiner to review the plans and the suggestions arising from the consultation.  This should allow the plan to move forward.  All steam ahead for an autumn referendum!!

May 2021 – getting there ….

We have now officially submitted our finalised documents to Cornwall Council to being the next stage of the public consultation phase.  We now await their outcome before our plan proceeds to Examination.  It now begins to hold weight within the planning application process.

What happens next … (Feb 2021)

We are now at the stage that we as a Parish Council have officially submitted to Cornwall Council our Draft NDP for legal compliance checking.  

At this point the draft NDP begins to have actual planning weight and will begin to be used to by both the Parish Council and Planning Authority in their decision making.

After submission, responsibility for taking the process forward lies with the local planning authority. The local authority will publicise the plan (Regulation 16) and arrange for the independent examination. This will consider whether the neighbourhood plan meets the basic conditions and other legal requirements.

If successful at the examination stage, with modifications if necessary, then the local authority will arrange for a neighbourhood plan referendum. Unfortunately for us there may be some delays yet, due to the backlog of plans awaiting referendum due to the COVID-19 restrictions but we decided to put our submission in anyway so we can be ready when restrictions are relaxed. 

Then, if there is a majority yes vote, the neighbourhood plan is made and becomes part of the statutory development plan for the area.  

January 2021

There was a meeting between the Parish Council & NDP Steering Group members to discuss comments raised at the recent Public Consultation, and those in conjunction with the inclusions of properties on the Open Spaces & Non Designated Heritage Asset lists.  

Then the Parish Council formally accepted the recommendations noted at the 11th January 2021 meeting be ratified as hose of the Parish Council for inclusion within the wider NDP Draft Policy.  This means that, following a bit of final tweaking and updating, our NDP is ready for submission for legal scrutiny.

14th October 2020

Thanks to everyone who has made contact about the NDP or it’s associated documents to date during the consultation phase.  Remember though, you only have until 31st October to get your comments back to us if you want them considered by the Steering Group & Parish Council before we look to submit to Cornwall County.

Many people who have made comments or raised issues have had initial responses by the NDP Steering Team – these will likely be followed up by something from the Parish Council in early November.


August 2020

You should be watching out for a letter about the public consultation due out any day.  Once this goes out you will be able to access all of the documents that make up the parish’s full draft NDP by using the Our NDP Plan link at the top of the page or the direct link on the emails newsletter.


July 2020

Thanks to a large amount of behind the scenes work we are almost ready for the public consultation period to start.  But because of COVID-19 this will not be taking place as a public event, held in a hall for the whole parish to come and see. We are having to move the consultation online.

More details about this should be dropping through letterboxes in the very near future.  

April 2020

Thanks to matters outside of our control the NDP process’ have dramatically slowed during early 2020.  The sudden loss of one of Steering Group just before Christmas 2019 threw things into a slight tailspin and it was decided that a pause to consolidate our position was needed.  Then came the Coronvirus lockdown – just as we were preparing to take the draft NDP Policy document to the Parish Council for their agreement before issuing for the 6 week public consultation period.

At this time we have almost fully completed policies, supporting documents and appendix ready to be agreed but no possibility of them being done until the COVID-19 restrictions are released and parish & county council processes restart in full.

We want to get our NDP though as soon as we possibly can now – fortunately it is being given weight by planning & at Inspector levels already but this is only minor at this stage; we need out whole policy to go through for it to be effective.

As soon as is feasible the Parish Council will be asked to agree to the Mawnan Neighbourhood Development Plan – at which point we hope that you will take the time to review the whole scheme prior to the referendum which should hopefully take place in the late summer.

Aug 2019

Ok folks, we now have an actual NDP … well we have a FIRST DRAFT NDP!! 

All of our wonderful groups of volunteers have completed almost all of their working groups needs and James Evans, our Planning Consultant, has created the initial draft of the Mawnan Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan.  After going through it with the Parish Council and a few amendments/clarifications this draft has now gone to Cornwall Council for an initial review of it’s environmental impact and comments on where we might still be lacking information.  

We have left two copies of the full draft report in the Red Lion for you to read over some light refreshments (it is an 80 page document!); it is also available through the link above. 

In late September we intend holding a small exhibition in the Methodist Chapel hall of the key Policies. We invite you to visit us there on September 27 & 28 to ask questions, and give us your comments and opinions.


There is a dedicated NDP noticeboard in the bus shelter.  Take a look for the most up to date information



The basics for anyone joining really late …..

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan, or NDP?

A Neighbourhood Development Plan for Mawnan will set out our vision for land use and developments within our parish. It gives us, the community, the opportunity to decide how our local area should develop and what should be built. It can respond to a wide range of social, economic or environmental issues that are relevant to us locally. We can also influence land use for other things like renewable energy schemes and recreational facilities.

Do we have to have one?
No. But without one development can still happen, and will be assessed by planners at county and national level. The current local policies that concern our special places will need to be included in a NDP in order to reflect local priorities.
A NDP isn’t a tool to stop development, but it can shape and influence developments and is locally focused. In July 2017 Cornwall Council, following an application from Mawnan Parish Council, officially designated the civil Parish of Mawnan as a Neighbourhood Area to be used in the creation of a NDP. This means that along with the village of Mawnan Smith, our NDP will cover an area stretching from Budock Vean and the Helford Passage to Penwarne and Bareppa, and from Maenporth’s West Bay to Mawnan Old Church.

Does it have any impact?
Yes. A NDP is an official planning document that has to be taken into account by Local Authority Planners and Planning Inspectors when determining planning applications and appeals. It has to align with policies contained within the Cornwall Local Plan (adopted in 2016), plus national policies too. It is important to note that a NDP contains the local details which are important to the parish community, and responds to issues that are not covered through strategic and national policies.

Do you have a real say?
Definitely. A steering group has been formed to start the NDP process, but we want you, the residents of Mawnan Parish, to help us identify the key issues and continue to shape those as we go

Make sure that you have your say – you can start by coming along to an open meeting of the steering group on dates that will be advertised in the Mawnan Diary, on the notice board in the centre of the village, and on the parish website, or by sending us an email at info@mawnan.org. Tell us what we need to consider for Mawnan’s Plan – whether it is protecting our environment, our heritage, the facilities and activities that contribute to a sense of community, or anything that makes Mawnan special – what do you think should be included?

You will also be asked to vote on the adoption of the Mawnan NDP at a referendum, so your views are crucial. Only once the NDP has been adopted following the referendum will it become mandatory for the planning authorities to take it into account when considering planning applications and making decisions on development proposals.


If anyone would like any more information on NDPs please contact us via email or check out the little video clip below explaining what an NDP is.





DISCLAIMER:  In accordance with the law, Mawnan NDP Group only collect a limited amount of information about you that is necessary for correspondence, information and service provision.  We do not use profiling, we do not sell or pass your data to third parties and we do not use your data for purposes other than those specified within the NDP process. We ensure to make sure your data is stored securely; delete all information deemed to be no longer necessary (this will be once the NDP referendum has taken place) and make amendments or remove data as requested by the individual.
Mawnan NDP Group  (as the data controller) constantly review our Privacy Notice to keep it up to date in protecting your data.  Please do not hesitate to use the contact form above if you have any queries about what data we hold for you.